Budget announcement of LAFHA reforms

Following the release of the 2012-13 Commonwealth budget by the Australian Government, LAFHA is no longer available for offer to individuals.

Please see below for alternative options for contractors.


Transition quickly and easily into the UK.


Optimise the contractor advantage with flexible solutions.

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Options for professional contractors

Oncore Services has the infrastructure, technology, experience, expertise to take away all the hassles of administration, taxes, compliance, and liabilities that professional contractors often face. Focus on what you do best while someone else takes care of the administration, guaranteeing outstanding personal service within a fully compliant and no-risk solution.

Services for contractors:

  • Salary packaging management
  • Employment structures and insurances
  • Contractor management tools
  • Financial services and wealth management
  • Career mobility.

myOE can help you make the most of your overseas experience as a professional contractor working in the UK. With services in job hunting, competitive salary packaging with the best tax rates, bank account and NI number assistance, and setting you up with a UK sim, myOE guarantees to help you keep more of your earnings whilst contacting in the UK.

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